Finding the right protein packed lunch to eat that will last for 3 to 4 hours is tricky. This has been one of my biggest mistakes, skipping lunch for years. As Chef Instructor jamming to “Git R Done” there was no time to set and have lunch, I ended up eating all the wrong things for years tasting what students made. Remembering well the days I had to taste cheesecakes. Here Chef taste mine, I bet that I ate almost a half of cheesecake in a day. That’s why there was a point in my life where I weighed 280 to 290 pounds.

Well now for third time with Weight Watchers I am back on track eating right foods. It helps that I am retired Chef Instructor away from all the tasting. Now I can focus on me, retraining my habits to a better way of eating and exercising.

So lunch is important getting right amount of proteins and good carbohydrates are important. So this is my favorite lunch with good amount of protein and fruit. I found that perfect match in flavors is Apples, Cheese and Sausage with Greek Yogurt.

So lets focus on proteins first, picking the right cheese with low points is important so I am using WW mozzarella sticks only 1 Smart Point & 6 grams protein, and Turkey Smoked Sticks 1 Smart Point & 6 grams of protein, note be careful on choosing right smoked sticks some have many more Smart Points. Then I personally like Chobani 100’s which are only 3 Smart Points & 12 grams of protein. This gives you lots of proteins, about 24 grams of protein and total of 5 Smart Points for whole lunch. That’s not to bad at all. This will last better then slow poke sucker and far less amount of points.

This is my favorite lunch for right now. I am always looking for better ones. Especially when my garden starts producing fresh vegetables and fruits.

Send me your comments on what is your favorite lunch is, I love to share creative ideas with others.


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Retired Chef Instructor teaching 32 years of culinary arts. Blogging on creative foods by Chef Dave, featuring hot and spicy, chocolate, baking and Weight Watcher Smart Point friendly foods. Vegetable gardening, photography, and creative cooking is my passion.

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