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The adventure begins with mission of sparking culinary creativity.

The purpose of this blog is to span creative culinary thinking. Bring culinary ideas together from my 32 years of teaching and all my students works. It’s so important to see what everyone has done with there creative abilities. The purpose is not to steal ones ideas but to learn from them and create new concepts. Sharing ideas your creative works is so important to help others creativity.

I have been working very hard on making a champagne chocolate with fizzy finish. This has been a challenging but rewarding have students and friends try my tasty chocolates. 2015-02-05 Milk Chocolate Strawyberry Champagne

This is milk chocolate bar made with 37% swiss chocolate with strawberry champagne filling and fizzy powder. You can see the fizzy powder which is white crystals and pink strawberry filling. Hand painted cocoa butter red hearts. This is still work in progress but a success. The flavors are excellent the process is challenging.


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