Breakfast is most important meal of the day, I am on week 10 Weight Watchers and tested many different combinations of foods that would last until Noon. This is one of the very best tested. It has lots of protein which is important and WW Smart Points comes to only 5 points. The important part in lowering points is to pick the right ingredients especially English Muffins, I tried two types of lower point value muffins. Village Hearth and Thomas 100 calories. I found the Thomas 100 calories to be my favorite, they have great english muffin texture and flavor. The Village Hearth are more bread like and less of true English Muffin. The next is choosing right cheese, I found Kraft Singles Skim Milk American Cheese has 0 points nice addition to sandwich. To give it some meat, I used half of Turkey Sausage Stick or 6 slices of Hormel Turkey Pepperoni chopped. I used one large eggs beaten to make omelet style egg with cheese folded into center of omelet. This makes a breakfast sandwich only 5 Smart Points.

A orange is my favorite choice for fruit in morning, peeled with knife to remove all pith, which is bitter part of orange, then cut into sections. with a little practice this can be done in less then 3 minutes. This is 0 Smart Points

My beverage of choice in morning is high octane dark roast coffee at least 10 oz. 0 Smart Points. I need my go juice to get me rocking. A nurse asked me once how much coffee I drink in day, I replied quarts.

That makes this Breakfast Sandwich Meal a total of 5 Smart Points for morning. The total protein from this breakfast meal is 15 grams.  It will last me for a good 3 to 4 hours.

I walk every morning for 60 to 75 minutes about 2 to 2.5 miles for exercise. Activity is important, the more I can squeeze into my daily routine the better.

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