Everyone always needs some type of new tasty creative foods, especially snack food’s that’s got a little kick. So I am working on “Kick in the Nuts”.kick-in-the-nuts Wow it really hurts, something that will last for a bit and you will remember. Off to the creative kitchen, and start creating, this memorable tasty treat with a really good kick. First thought is working with peanuts and infusing them with my fresh crop of super hot chiles from garden. This will give them a true “Kick in the NUTS”!! Why some have over 1,500,000 Scoville Units that’s so hot that it burned through one pair of my gloves, burning my hands for over 3 hours. Now that’s some heat. Then come’s how do you turn down the heat a little so will not send someone to the hospital. So I added salt, pepper, spices and sugar in the raw along with canola oil. This lowered the heat level to 10+ on my scale of heat. What does that mean lot’s of milk and cheese to put out the fire as fast as possible. Note never ever try to put out this fire with water, it just fuels it hotter. So come join me in my venture as I create Kick in the Nuts. Starring Peanuts, Popcorn, Sugar, Super Hot Chiles and Spice, this is going to be something truly memorable. To be continued.

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