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Grilled Orange Chicken

Looking for great recipe to grill then Orange Chicken is perfect choice. The chicken has a moist citrus profile with a Asian finish. The orange citrus marinate is the key to this wonderful recipe.

Orange Chicken Marinate:

The fundamentals of making a great orange chicken is in the marinating. The key is to use fresh orange and it's zest for primary flavor. Build complementary flavors using fresh ginger root, soy sauce and some Turbinado sugar to boost the profile. Finally adding neutral oil to help grilling and browning the chicken as its grilling.

Ingredients for orange marinate

Using meat tenderizer helps the marinate penetrate deep into chicken, infusing flavors. The Deni Meat Tenderizer puts small slits into chicken for the marinate to absorb into the meat. Using zip lock bag to hold the chicken and marinate maximizes the process. The marinating process can only take 1 to 2 hours, but can marinated for up to 24 hours with no problems.

Using Demi Meat Tenderizer on chicken breasts

Grilling the technique:

Orange Chicken
Grilled Orange Chicken

Setting up the BBQ Grill takes a little time using Big Green Egg, but it's totally worth the effort. First step is to remove all old ashes from last BBQ. Then putting enough fresh lump charcoal into firebox, this depends on length of the BBQ Cooking. A normal BBQ takes about a little over 1/2 firebox of charcoal.

Starting charcoal with electric coil works quick and easy, just have to watch that charcoal doesn't get too hot and burn up electric coil. If the coals get too hot it's very hard to cool down Big Green Egg. I like to close lid of Big Green Egg and open all vents until reach close to desired cooking temperature 275 to 375°F.

Next to place the convEGGtor® over the hot coals this acts as indirect heat source.

Placing convEGGtor® over hot coals.

Place drip pan with beer onto the convEGGtor®, then put grill grates onto the convEGGtor®. Now place the marinated chicken over drip pan onto grill grates. Secure temperature probe into middle of chicken piece and another probe connected to grill grates.

Connecting probes, one into chicken and the other onto grill grate.

Setting up the Signals by Thermoworks is done on iPhone app using WiFi or Bluetooth. For this recipe using only two channels one for grill grate temperature and the other channel for internal temperature of chicken. Setting the grill grate temperature range between 185° to 375°. And the chicken internal temperature at 170°. The Termoworks Signals works wonderfully with Big Green Egg. Starting out lower temperatures 225° and letting the Big Green Egg build temperature to 375°. The higher temperature helps the Maillard reaction developing caramelize of chicken meat.

After the Orange Chicken reaches 170° F remove from grill and wrap chicken in foil to rest for 10 minutes before serving. For presentation cut chicken breasts slices on bias and fanning meat out onto plate. The marinate can be simmered for 10 minutes to reduce to nice syrup consistency and brushed or squirted onto plate.

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Grilled Orange Chicken - Orange Chicken Grilled has a orange citrus and Asian profile, perfect for grilling or air fryer. The Key is in the citrus orange marinate that's infused into the chicken. - Orange Citrus Marinate:: orange (juiced), orange zest, fresh ginger (grated), Low sodium Soy sauce, Turbinado sugar, canola oil, Grilled Orange Chicken: chicken (cut into quarters), kosher salt, black pepper (freshly ground), , Orange Citrus Marinate:: Zest orange with microplane first, then cut orange in half and squeeze orange halves. Measure out orange zest and orange juice.; Peel ginger root with spoon removing all skin of ginger root. Using microplane grate the ginger root to get 1 tbsp.; Combine in mixing bowl the orange juice, orange zest, grated ginger, soy sauce, oil and turbinado sugar together with whisk. Continue whisking until the sugar is dissolved.; Grilled Orange Chicken: Cut the chicken into quarter pieces, trim excess fat, skin and cartilage from chicken. Or purchase cut up chicken pieces.; Using meat tenderizer to cut small slits into chicken.; Place salt & pepper chicken pieces in into vacuum bag. Pour the combined Orange Citrus Marinate into bag with chicken. Vacuum package the chicken with marinade.; Place the marinated chicken into refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours to infuse flavors into chicken. The chicken can be marinate up to 24 hours before grilling.; Start the grill and get it heated to 325 to 350 degrees. Place pan of beer under grate of the grill.; Grill the chicken at first over direct heat to achieve good light golden color. This should be about 5 minutes on each side. Reserve the marinate to brush over chicken as it cooking. Brushing chicken pieces each time turned.; Skin side up. Cover grill and continue cooking. Brushing chicken often about every 10 minutes.; Continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 165°F to 170°F. Remove from heat onto platter, cover with foil and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Remove foil and place on cutting board.; Cut chicken breast on bias into nice portions.; Plate the sliced chicken breast around side dish. I used in this plate presentation curry rice with peas. Garnishing with red flowers form scarlet runner beans and fresh herbs.; ; - - Main Dish - American - Orange Chicken - Creative Foods - Recipes - Air Fryer[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]
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