Air Fryer Black Bean Burger
Griddled Black Bean Burger is great substitute for healthy plant based meat sandwich.
Servings Prep Time
6Servings 20Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
8Minutes 2Hours
Servings Prep Time
6Servings 20Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
8Minutes 2Hours
Cooking black beans:
Black beans mixture:
Service Ingredients:
  1. Sort through black beans picking any bad beans or debris out of the beans on tray.
  2. Wash beans in colander or strainer. Be sure to drain off water.
  3. Place in the black beans into instant pot, add Mexican Seasoning, and stock. Place lid on instant pot, make sure the steam valves is closed on older version instant pot. Note new instant pots don’t have atomically closed. Set on beans button, or pressure high for 30 minutes.
  4. After 30 minutes cooking open steam valve to remove excess steam. Open lid when steam releases stops. Be careful of steam it burns handle in instant. Give beans good stir.
  5. Place beans onto sheet tray and bake in oven for 15 minutes or until moisture removed.
  6. Notice that bean are dried out a little and have nice black color. Don’t dry to be hard just so beans can mash nicely.
  7. Place black beans into mixing bowl and mash with potatoes masher or meat mallet works well too. Mash to a meaty consistency. It’s important to have some texture to beans.
  8. Combine mashed black beans, bread crumbs, egg, Mexican Seasoning, peppers, garlic, chives, corn and optional mushrooms together.
  9. Mixing the burger ingredients until mixture becomes slightly sticky. The black bean burger mixture needs to hold together. Adjust with bread crumbs if mixture becomes too sticky. If burger mixture too dry add bean cooking liquid or water, just enough for the burger mixture to hold together.
  10. Scoop with half cup measure or number 8 scoop, of black bean burger mixture onto plastic wrap.
  11. Fold plastic wrap over burger mixture and press into patty. Repeat this process until all black bean burgers are formed.
  12. Let black bean burgers chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to over night.
  13. Place black bean burgers onto heated grill pan sprayed with oil over medium heat. Cooking on one side for 3 to 4 minute.
  14. Flip the black bean burger with spatula and cook on other side until crisp light brown color. Note adjust temperature if the griddle becomes too hot and doesn’t allow burgers to cook totally through. Remove burgers let rest on platter, covered with foil.
Plating Black Bean Burgers
  1. Cut bun in half horizontally, lightly toast bun on griddle. Place bun onto plate open, on bottom slice put special sauce or mustard. Then place black bean burger on top of the bottom bun. Next arrange leaf lettuce over black bean burger, then place good dollop of guacamole. Finally place top bun to complete sandwich.
  2. Garnish plate with radishes slices and sweet pickles. Enjoy
  3. Alternative is to top black bean burgers with cheese and sriracha sauce, guacamole. With side of Mexican corn, nice way to have bread less dish.